Elder Futhark Runes


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Witch's Runes

Elder Futhark Definitions

Fehu: Money matters. Psychic energies.

Uruz: Physical health. Vital energies.

Thurisaz: What opposed you (perhaps physical).

Ansuz: Sources of inspiration and intellectual expression.

Raidho: Travels&emdash;inner or outer.

Kenaz: Creativity. Erotic relationships.

Gebo: What will be given to you.

Wunjo: Relationships, friends. What will give you happiness.

Hagalaz: Area of possible crisis leading to transformation.

Nauthiz: What resists you (psychically). Source of discontent.

Isa: What is constraining you.

Jera: Where rewards can be expected. Relationship with the
     natural environment.

Eihwaz: Hidden influences, state of whole being. Relationship
      with the numinous environment.

Perthro: How you will find joy.

Algiz: Thing that needs attention. Way to the gods.

Sowilo: What will guide you.

Tiwaz: Cognitive state. Legal matters. Ideals.

Berkano: What provides growth and beauty.

Ehwaz: With what or whom you should work. Erotic relations.

Mannaz: Overall psychic state. Attitude toward death.

Laguz: State of emotional Balance. What will test you.

Ingwaz: What you should contemplate.

Dagaz: Area of unexpected synchronicity.

Othala: Greater family matters. National or community issue

Witch's Runes
   Witch's Runes are similar to Elder Futhark Runes  only with 13 stones, representing the Sabbats. 
   Each of the witchstones corresponds to one of the eight Sabbats. This gives an idea of hetimescale indicated in a reading. The stones are also allocated a simple answer, are male or female.  All may be relevant to a simple or complex reading. 
You will need a soft cloth to cast the stones upon. Concentrating on your question and on the witchstones and the link between the two, softly cast the stones upon the cloth. Read the stone in relation to your question. The stones closest to you are the most relevant - the furthest away are less. Any stones not landing on the cloth should be discarded as not relevant. Stones that fall very close together have a combined meaning, even if they do not immediately seem compatible. 
For a simple question, simply concentrate and then draw one stone from the pouch and focus on the relevant aspect. 
The Stones. 
Sun (stone symbol = sun); Sabbat = Autumn; Time Scale = 1 August - 23 September; Number = 1; Simple answer = yes; gender = male 
Meaning = Strength, A man of authority - a father. Represents power and confidence. Overcoming past difficulties and past goals. 
Moon (stone symbol = crescent moon); Sabbat = Samhain; Time Scale = 23 September - 31 October; Number = 2; Simple answer = no; Gender = female 
Meaning = Feminity. The flow of the tides. Feminine knowledge and wisdom, psychic and occult awareness. 
Empathy (stone symbol = two interlocking circles); Sabbat = Winter; Time Scale = 31 October - 23 December; Number = 3; Simple answer = unknown; Gender = male 
Meaning = Things coming together and meshing perfectly. In a relationship can represent love or marriage. 
War (stone symbol = two arrows crossed); Sabbat = Imbolc; Time Scale = 23 December - 1 Feburary; Number = 4; Simple answer = yes; Gender = Female 
Meaning = There are troubles ahead but they are not insurmountable. 
Snake (stone symbol = wriggly snake) Sabbat = Spring; Time Scale = 1 Feburary - 23 March; Number = 5; Simple answer = No; Gender = Male 
Meaning = A move away from your present environment. May mean a journet, or possibly just change. 
Freedom (stone symbol = three birds in flight); Sabbat = Beltane; Time Scale = 23 March - 1 May; Number = 6; Simple answer = Unknown; Gender = female 
Meaning = Indicates that you are able to achieve your desires. Things can change if you wish them to; the situation will not be forced on you. 
Nature (stone symbol = leaf); Sabbat = Summer; Time Scale = 1 may - 23 June; Number = 7; Simple answer = yes; Gender = male 
Meaning = the blossiming of something new, possibly a friendship. Indicates happiness and the natural flow of naure. 
End (stone symbol = Line broken by two perpendicular lines); Sabbat = Lughnassadh; Time Scale = 23 June - 1 August; Number = 8; Simple answer = no; Gender = female 
Meaning = The ending or completion of something. The surrounding stones will indicate whether it will be for good or ill. 
Element Stones
Element stones are designed to be used as an expansion of five further stones to add to a set of witch stones. 
Earth (stone symbol = triangle point downwards. Top-side has another parallel line inside triangle. Short lin under symbol to indicate correct orientation); Simple answer = No 
Meaning = Represents security, fertility, work and money. Practicality and everyday matters. 
Air (stone symbol = triangle point upwards. Base has another parallel line inside triangle. Short line under symbol to indicate correct orientation); Simple answer = yes 
Meaning = The intellect. It stands for intelligence, authority, strength of will and organisational skills. Courage and mental energy. 
Fire (stone symbol = triangle point upwards. Short line under symbol to indicate correct orientation); Simple answer = yes 
Meaning = Creativity. Inspiration, motivation, intuition and enthusiasm. Career, business projects and new ventures. 
Water (stone symbol = triangle point downwards. Short lin under symbol to indicate correct orientation); Simple answer = no 
Meaning = Emotions. Sensitivity, close personal relationships and artistic ability. Love, peace, contentment, fulfilment and happiness. 
Spirit (stone symbol = double triangle joined together at the base); Simple answer = unknown 
Meaning = The ether. The spirit or soul, which is within all things. Signifies that all things have a common element. All things are connected.